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Parlay Roulette System

Betting systems are strategic plans tactics that try to increase the chances of winning although, no betting system has ever a %100 of winning chances; that does not mean that betting systems really do not work, it is just that they do not work every time because of the nature of some of these games, full of odds. In roulette, this can be cut down to just 2 possibilities, 2 odds, black or red, even or odd. The Parlay roulette system is probably one of the most popular strategies and it is also known as the Parlay or “letting a bet ride” strategies; although this system can either deliver great winnings or considerable losses, the Parlay strategy has a fearless nature that really appeals to roulette gamblers when players can set up a limit for their bets.

The Parlay strategy allows us to use this system in a very easy way, as players will face neither difficult mathematical progressions nor stochastic formulas, as players only have to make up their minds only about two choices, two amounts: the total amount we want to make at the end of the game and, the minimum bet. This last choice does not have to be based on even-money bets as Parlay allows us to bet any amount. The purpose of the Parlay betting system is always to provide a better and more entertaining game, although the winning part is probably the most important of them all. One of the main features of the Parlay roulette system is its flexibility as it is not based on even-money bets and it does not have to be necessarily applied at long games. On the other hand, the main inconvenience for this system is the low ratio of winning turns. The Parlay system offers us a wide range of choices as this strategy can be applied on 3, 4 or even 5 easy steps because, players only have to set up a limit: how much to win and how much to bet. We are providing an easy example of our Parlay roulette strategy where the goal is to win 200 € with an initial bet of 20 €; if we win, we will get 40 €; the next step is to bet 40 €, to win 80 €; in the last step, we bet 80 € on a line of six number what should assure us at least a 5/1 payoff; if the player ever lost at any of those steps, starting all over again with the initial bet would be our next first step.