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Martingale Betting System

The Martingale system is the most popular betting system as Martingale is probably the oldest of them all; Martingale systems was created by gamblers when they discovered the mathematical progression that was in the widely held game where, just flipping a coin, offers same chances of landing on tails than landing on heads. This system has been used for centuries as flipping a coin has been one of the oldest games in our history. The roulette systems are practically applicable to any other game, especially those that are included in the casino games category, as these games are also based on stochastic systems, mathematic routines that gamblers all over the world have been trying to develop in their favor to beat the wheel. With this system, the initial bet has to be doubled on the following one if we lose.

The first impression that we get is that this is a great system but, if we really review in detail this and other systems, the final end result can take us by surprise. This system offers great expectations as it is quite easy to apply on any games where the odds are 50/50. Flipping a coin is a game that always has the same probabilities as the coin can land either on tails or heads; roulette players became aware of these betting systems while flipping a coin and the Martingale system started to be present in all of the roulette games. In spite of this, the Martingale system is not really a roulette systems for the reason that, flipping a coin offers only 2 different odds while the roulette has quite a few. The Martingale system is in fact a great system for this type of bets and that is why there was a need for players to conceive the Martingale betting systems for roulette.

The Martingale roulette betting system or strategy in roulette has an added odd as we have to consider the three opportunities. We can always use this system to bet either on red or black, but the zero or green spot will be always there, dropping the chances to less than 50%. The Martingale system is also known as doubling-up or Black & Red systems as its strategy is based on placing double bets if the first one is a winning bet; if we lose, the following bet must be of the same amount; either way, we always have to bet either on Black or Red and it is necessary a good account.